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Our Personal Injury Case Results

State Law Firm - Personal Injury Attorneys

We are committed to our clients' healing and recovering

State Law Firm has handled thousands of personal injury cases for clients throughout the state of California. We will help you get the compensation you deserve. Here are just a few recent results:


Rideshare Accident

Rideshare passenger with multiple injections


Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall at a major grocery store requiring minimally invasive knee surgery


Premises Liability

Premise liability due to no hand rails. Resulting in surgery on a broken leg.


Rear-end Accident

Recovery for a rear-end car accident requiring surgery to shoulder and lumbar fusion


Auto v. Auto

Auto v. Auto disputed liability with a recommendation of surgery needed


Auto v. Auto

Auto v. Auto against city of Los Angeles resulting in mimimal invasive surgery.


Auto v. Auto

Auto v. Auto resulting in head injury and multiple injections


Trip and Fall

Trip and fall incident in a building. Plaintiff fell down stairs and injured their lower back requiring surgery.


Auto v. Auto

Auto v. Auto with a recommendation of surgery


Restaurant Fall

Busboy pulled the plaintiff's chair from under the client, leading to lower back and shoulder injuries requiring surgery


Car Accident

Automobile accident requiring a cervical fusion


Rideshare Accident

Ride share accident resulting in injury to lower back and requiring surgery.

Please be advised: While we strive for favorable outcomes, no attorney can assure or promise specific results. Past successes do not guarantee or warranty future outcomes. Each case is assessed based on its individual merits.

Rowaida, CA

“Rand was very helpful and straight forward. She didn’t give up and helped me to win my case. She is very professional and kind. I would highly recommend her for any work injury related."
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