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Henry Ruggs III was going 156 MPH before his fatal car crash

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Henry Ruggs III, a 22-year-old NFL player, was arrested on a charge of DUI resulting in death. The collision occurred on Tuesday at 3:39 AM in Las Vegas. The crash involved a Chevrolet Corvette and a Toyota Rav4. The Toyota was later found in flames and firefighters stated the there was “a deceased victim inside the Toyota. The victim was 23-year-old Tina Tintor.

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Legal Consequences Unfold: Henry Ruggs III Faces DUI Charges After Tragic Incident. Seek expert advice.

According to Ruggs’ girlfriend, as they approached Tintor’s Rav4, he slammed on the brakes and yelled “What is this guy doing?” Ruggs was driving 156 mph which is over 110 mph over the speed limit in the residential area. After the hit, the Corvette spun out for nearly 520 feet before stopping.

When a nearby officer arrived at the crash site he heard screams coming from inside the RAV4 as Tina was still alive. None of the bystanders were able to pull her out. The bystanders had to then back away as the smoke and flames caught on fire. Tina and her dog sadly passed away.

Ruggs and his girlfriend suffered serious injuries and were taken to a hospital. A prosecutor stated that the NFL player's blood-alcohol level was more than twice Nevada’s legal limit. Ruggs was released from the hospital and booked in the Clark County Detention Center facing charges of DUI resulting in death as well as reckless driving.

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