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What is the Lemon Law Buyback?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

mage of Car Interior Gauges: Dashboard instrument cluster displaying vehicle metrics.
Gauging Your Rights: Just like these car interior gauges track your vehicle's health, our Lemon Law attorneys help track your rights for buybacks.

California has one of the best consumer protection laws: the “Lemon Law.” When a new car you buy or lease cannot be repaired, California's Lemon Law protects you. If you have a vehicle that has had multiple repairs under warranty, you have a LEMON! A California Lemon Law Buyback is usually the best option for getting rid of the vehicle.

A lemon buyback is a refund that a manufacturer is required to provide if a vehicle they sold is defective. The vehicle is only eligible for buyback if the manufacturer cannot repair the car after numerous attempts.

According to lemon law in California, you can choose to either:

  1. Have the manufacturer buy the vehicle back

  2. Provide a replacement

A replacement vehicle can only be provided if both you and the manufacturer agree to the terms. The replacement vehicle must be identical to the vehicle that was purchased or of equal value. So if the dealership doesn’t have a car that's at least equivalent to your lemon, then you should consider opting for a buyback.

The buyback amount includes:

-anything you’ve paid for the car

-the down payment made for the vehicle at the dealership

-the remainder of the loan amount for the vehicle

-all official costs related to the vehicle – like sales tax and registration fees

The lemon law process seems simple at first, but it is actually more complicated than you would imagine! It is important to hire an experienced Lemon Law attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. Call us at (818) 477-0773 for a free consultation with one of our experienced Lemon Law attorneys!

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