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How to Reduce Your Chances of Being Robbed in Los Angeles in 2021

Updated: Aug 28

Image of Downtown Los Angeles skyline. Essential Tips to Prevent Robberies in Melrose Area. Stay informed, stay safe.
Guard Your Safety: Essential Tips to Prevent Robberies in Melrose Area. Stay informed, stay safe.

In the past few months, there has been an increase in robberies in Los Angeles and specifically the Melrose area. From restaurant diners getting robbed as they eat to people being followed home.

Follow-home robberies are also increasing. They usually occur when suspects target victims carrying expensive purses or jewelry, follow them home, and rob them. Although every theft isn’t preventable, here are some tips to reduce the changes:

Avoid displaying signs of wealth!

This is a big one! Many people have been getting robbed on Melrose for their watches. We all love wearing our jewelry and expensive clothing, but we suggest not wearing or carrying anything expensive for the time being. The less you have on you, the less likely you are to get robbed.

Don’t walk around late at night.

Even if you’re with a group, you’ll increase your chances of getting robbed if you walk around at night versus during the day. Instead, get an uber, hop on a Bird scooter, or drive!

Be alert!

Get off your phone when you are walking around! Checking your phone and responding to texts is the perfect time for someone to rob you as you are distracted. A robber might see you as a perfect potential victim. Also, avoid listening to music when walking around in public so you can hear everything around you.

Look Around

When walking, make sure you are looking around. Walk with your head up and look from side to side occasionally.

Do not go into dark streets.

The better lit a street is, the less likely a person will try to mug you as the chances of getting caught are higher.

Travel with a group.

If you think you’re in a high-risk location, travel with a group. Your chances of getting robbed are greatly reduced when you are not alone. If you’re leaving a restaurant or bar at night, walk with one of your friends to their car and have them drop you off at yours.

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