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Lemon Law


If your vehicle or other consumer good fails to meet the manufacturer’s warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts, then it is a “lemon” and you are entitled to a refund or a replacement vehicle or other consumer good. If your vehicle is not determined to be a lemon, you may be entitled to receive cash compensation under the lemon laws for the diminished value of your vehicle or other consumer good. In California, the lemon laws apply to new or used, purchased or leased vehicles that are sold with a written warranty.

Generally, a vehicle qualifies under the California Lemon Law when the vehicle has a defect which the dealerships have been unable to repair.  For the law to apply, the dealerships must be given a reasonable number of opportunities to repair the vehicle within the warranty period.


If you qualify for lemon law protection, the following remedies may be available to you:

- Refund

-Lemon Buyback

-Replacement Vehicle

-Cash Compensation

Lemon Law
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